My Girl, Emily – Dream Big!!!!


From the time that this girl was born, she has given me a run for my money. She has always known her own mind, always been so sure of her direction.  She has a distinct and certain goal in her life.  I am so very proud of her. I watch her sometimes from a distance and I am just floored by what I see.  I see a beautiful, strong young lady that loves the Lord. She is kind and good and strong.  She isn’t afraid of a challenge. So, when Momazine announced that they would be hosting Cupcake Wars for the 2nd year, she was totally psyched! I was a little concerned, I mean she would be competing against adults and what if she didn’t win. What if she didn’t succeed.  She was so quick to repeat to me the very thing that I have said to her so many times… “What if I don’t try?”

So, we tried. She came up with a theme and a recipe. She loves the 50′s so she created a 50′s Pop Shop for her table, featuring Coke & p-nut cupcakes with a peanut butter frosting and Mountain Dew cupcakes with an amazing Mountain Dew & Buttercream frosting.  She had a few fails on the Coke recipe but finally perfected it. I was so proud of her persistence.  She learned so much from this, she learned to organize and implement ideas, she learned to work with a crew as the leader. I learned to take orders from my daughter. (that was fun) All I can say is that I am so very proud of my girl. I wanted to share some of her awesomeness with ya’ll!

When it came time for the awards, it was like biting nails, but YES!!!! She won BEST THEME in the amateur division, how cool is that!!!!!

She was also featured at Ocala Magazine even mentioned her win along with all the other awesome winners! Here are some photos of my Emily’s and some of our favorite competitors. SAMSUNG CSC

Family & friends ROCK – they mean the world to us! An amazing young lady that is also a homeschooler made the fun table clothe for us and the adorable apron was a gift from an amazing friend of ours. Oh! the fun little sign was made by my niece!



It got seriously busy! Like completely crazy, but she stayed so calm and friendly the entire time!



We spent our time waiting for the results eating cupcakes and dancing to some beautiful music, it makes me so happy that the entire family came out to support her.





So there it is, another amazing moment in my ever changing, ever amazing daughters life! I praise God every day for her.


Amanda Star




It is That Time of Year Again!!!!!! {Central Florida Photographer}


EEEEEEPPPPP! It is here! The fair is almost HERE!!! I will be shooting at the Citrus County Fair again this year! Each session is very different and I encourage you to find a way to make it your own awesome creation! So, who will it be? You and a friend or maybe your WHOLE family! You could have it just the kids or maybe a group of friends! I have such a long list of things I love about the fair; the cotton candy, the caramel apples, the gorgeous colors and the laughter. I love the laughter! This is a brand new way of offering this amazingness to my clients, an all exclusive collection that includes all of my favorite things!!! Like seriously…. read that list again! All of that and an amazing afternoon shooting… SWOON!

Citrus County Fair dates – March 23rd – March 28th




Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Amanda Star


What a Mess, this Life we Live!!!! – {Central Florida, Photography}


My house is a complete mess right now. The kitchen is in the living room and the school work is all in boxes, somewhat organized. I emphasize the somewhat!  At first, the thought of laying tile in the kitchen was so exciting. I couldn’t wait to see it all done. Then I realized that I had to move EVERYTHING out of the kitchen and school room. oh dear. Not so exciting anymore. We got all the moving done and now nothing is where it should be. We have embraced this craziness and are making the best of it. The kids said it is like camping. I am so thankful that they see the brighter side of things. I don’t know what they are more excited about, getting to eat pop tarts or having shorter school days. Sophie is making the best of an empty room and has turned the area into her personal dance studio.  She loves the roughness of the floor and the openness in the rooms. Isn’t it amazing how beautiful something so rough and imperfect can be. The floor adds such gorgeous texture! I almost missed this moment with her. I was busy and wanted to clean things up. She wanted to dance for me. I would rather take a moment and embrace her dance than chase a dust bunny!

Being present. Being involved. Being content. These are amazing gifts that you can give yourself.

2015-01-12_0011 2015-01-12_0012

2015-01-12_0001 2015-01-12_0002 2015-01-12_0003 2015-01-12_0004 2015-01-12_0005 2015-01-12_0006 2015-01-12_0008 2015-01-12_0009 2015-01-12_0010


Live every moment….

Amanda Star


Finding my Voice – {Central, Fl Photographer}


Finding your own voice in a world that is so quick to judge and so quick to put everyone and everything inside a nice little box with an even nicer bow on top, is to say the least, difficult. I have always taught my MOM-a-razzi’s to find their voice, to photograph what they love and to tell their stories the way that only they can. I have a confession to make. I am a HYPOCRITE. *hangs head in shame!!!

For several years now I have let the norm dictate what I photograph and how I photograph it. I finish with an image and say to myself, will this be well received? Not, “do I love this”. Just a constant fear of being overlooked or worse, mocked. Some of my favorite images, I have deleted because they were not technically “perfect”, but they were mine. They were part of my story and I trashed them because they were not “perfect”. Because they may not be well received.

Enter Joy Prouty of Wildflowers Photography. I went to her workshop to learn, to better my work. I was so excited at the prospect of coming home with amazing images. Instead I barely took any photos! She said something so profound – so simple. She gave me permission to be me. To have my own voice and to be own weird, loud somewhat awkward self. She gave me permission to love me. Why did I need someone to tell me that? But, apparently I did. BIG TIME!!!! So from now on I will love my work. I will shoot what I love and how I love. I will photograph shadows and movement and sparkle. I will NOT worry about what others think. I will be me. So you may notice a slight change in the work I choose to share with my peeps on my blog and it’s because I’m choosing what I love, what inspires me and in turn, I hope that it inspires you!


2014-12-29_0001 2014-12-29_0002




The technical goodies….

taken with my Nikon D800 at 2.8 aperture, 1/40 shutter speed & 28/80 lens

Amanda Star

{be who you are, photograph what you love & inspire the world}