Happy Family, Happy Life {LOVE,LOVE,LOVE} Central Fl, Photographer


Little kids are so much fun to photograph, they are hilariously amazing. They are on the move ALL THE TIME! This little lady is no different, she is on the move and constantly going! She has such an amazing little spirit and loves everything pink. She was the leading lady for this little session and truly the star of the show! What a fabulous little family, I hope that you enjoy this little peak into their happy lives!











Told ya they were fabulous! Check out their super fun family slide show below!


Amanda Star

Teaching to Learn {Central Fl. Photographer}


I can still remember the first time I saw one of my images and realized that they actually looked good. That I was good at something. It was an amazing feeling. My dad pointed me in the right direction and I took it from there. In this digital age we no longer have to wait to see our fabulous photos, no it is pretty much instant awesome. Now, I love to teach. I love to pass on the art of photography to others. Teens are especially fun to teach. They are so creative, fun and don’t forget unique. This past year I spent some time teaching teens at our local homeschool co-op and I cannot even tell you how surprised I was at the results. We started with a Basic Photography Course and went on to a Self Portrait Project. I wanted to share some of this awesomeness with you! I know that I taught them so much, I know that I was able to pass on a little bit of inspiration, but in the end, it was them that taught me. I am inspired by their creativity and totally blown away by their ability to create and to ”speak” through their portraits.

I also wanted to give you an oppurtunity to learn and grow as an artist. If you are teen or a parent of a teen ages 12-18 this is your chance to learn and grow. Check out the details at the bottom of the post for more info. Oh! I almost forgot the best part don’t forget to mention this post for 50. off your workshop fee!!!!!!


If your child loves photography and would like to learn to truly understand his/her camera, this is the workshop for them!



Amanda Star



A Beautiful Woman {Central Fl, Photographer}


Sometimes you meet life long friends in the oddest of places! We met when my hubby and I spotter her, massively pregnant walking with kids down the road. They were headed into town. So, we picked them up. That was about 15 years ago. I have watched her go through joys and trials. I have smiled with her on the mountain top and held her hand in the valley. She has ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS been there for me. Even when being there for me, meant driving almost an hour to bring me a cheeseburger. The memories that we have are more priceless to me than anything else that I own.  True friendships that last the test of time I truly hard to find. I am so very thankful for her faithfulness to the Lord and her unwavering, undeniable inner joy. She shines from the inside out and is truly in a very VERY happy place in her life. I was thrilled to capture her beauty, her joy and her laughter for her to share with her new hubby.

Heather, you are amazing and your strength and your joy can only come from the Lord. Thank you for loving me for who I am, for always giving me a swift kick when I need it and always telling me the truth wether I enjoyed hearing it or not. You are amazing.

Saving the Date, Like Never Before! {central Fl. Photographer}


Can you imagine my surprise when this amazingly beautiful chic asked me not once but twice to photograph her Save the Dates and her amazing wedding!!!! I usually avoid weddings, but they are starting to grow on me!  I am totally excited to be working with Paige and Geoffrey, they are seriously amazing. They laugh together, they love together and they create magic when they are together.  They make me so very happy to be a photographer and to be a part of their amazing day! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!


Amanda Star